Storage Shelves

Lightweight constructions, universal racks designed for storing light and medium-weight goods. Thanks to the boltless system, they are easy to assemble, and if necessary, you can effortlessly change the shelf positions.

Metal storage shelves

A universal shelving system that can be used in a store, a household or industry.

For Homes

Universal racks are lightweight structures, ideal for storing light and medium-weight items in a household setting. Thanks to the boltless assembly system, they are easy to put together and offer the flexibility to adjust shelf positions as needed. Zinc-coated metal racks boast a high load-bearing capacity relative to their own weight and provide a wide range of size options, making them a versatile solution for any requirement.

For Industry

In the industrial sector, universal design racks are highly valued as they can be used in warehouses, cold storage rooms, and even offices. The boltless assembly system not only simplifies the preparation of racks for use but also allows for easy adjustment of shelf positions to accommodate specific industrial needs. Racks made from zinc-coated metal ensure durability and a high load-bearing capacity, even with a low rack weight. Furthermore, the range of rack sizes allows them to be customized for use in any type and size of industrial environment.


  • They can be used in warehouses, cold rooms, offices, shops, private homes;
  • the screwless shelf assembly system simplifies their preparation for use;
  • high load compared to the low weight ratio;
  • a wide selection of sizes range;
  • made of galvanized steel.
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